In the summers when I was a little girl, my Aunt Irene would have us gather stones.  We would paint the tops of them with watercolors. 


When the blue ran into the red, it made purple.




I’ve never lost that sense of wonder about making things and using objects in unexpected ways. 


A stone becomes a canvas.


Dominoes make a necklace.


Several years ago I started a small business making jewelry from items whose forms enchant me: belt buckles, industrial springs, watch gears.


When I hold the object in my hand, it tells me what to do.


Vintage art deco belt buckle: “Put me in a necklace with crystal pearl links!”


Ornate men’s watchband: “I’m wasted hanging around some guy’s wrist! I should be uptown earrings!”

(Kinda pushy, don't  you think?)


Last year, I joined my husband in retirement.  My new life has given me the luxury of time to explore what’s around me and what’s inside me.


I am creating new pieces with the inspirations and techniques I continue to encounter. 


I have a lot of learning and making ahead of me, and I would love to have you with me. 


Take a look around.


And, please, come back.